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    When adding a new transaction to Purchase Journal, we first add date, description, then company account in transaction explorer window.
    We then add a line in the details window, click on Item, hit F3 to open the populated list, then start typing the first few letters or numbers.
    eg. typing “2016-P ” to arrive at “2016-Project name”

    after typing the 2, the cursor jumps ahead to say the second “2” in “2002-projectname”, (this is the first item in the Item list)
    It won’t let you continue typing “0” then “1”, followed by the “6”.

    This is happening on the workstation on the server and remote workstation.


    Interesting problem.

    I’ve managed to duplicate this behavior using your account naming paradigm. I cannot reproduce this behavior using 1002-ProjectName, 3002-Project Name, up to 9002-Project Name. I will investigate this and report back on this forum.

    When I type 2002-Project Name, I get the first 2 landing on the second 2 as in 2002 but when I enter the zero the cursor falls back to where it should be..

    To stop this behavior for now, create an account called 2 and give the account a normal balance of your choosing and set the account to inactive which will prevent posting to this temporary account named 2. The account 2 provides a lower dictionary sort value which will allow you to enter 2002-Project Name properly.

    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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