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    For anyone else who works with Status Indians, Bob has updated the 2004 payroll, to correctly record earnings in Box 71 of the T4’s.

    To accomplish this, first update the payroll to Ver41, then add to the B= line T471, for all earnings which fall into that category. Include the Holiday Pay.

    When you run T4 Prep the earnings will correctly show up in box 71. Box 14 will be blank. Check to see that the Insurable and Pensionable earnings amounts are correct. They should not be Blank, but match the box 71 amount (unless the person has reached the Max’s for both. $39,000 EI, $39,900 CPP. Another important item is that these earnings will not appear in box 14 of the T4 Summary.

    Thanks Bob for the work you did to make this correction.

    I’m only sorry I did not catch this problem earlier.

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