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    Dear Sir:

    I upgrade my NV2 to version 2009-02-18. After upgrading, NV prompt me to convert the database. And I did.

    After conversion, the database is not the same anymore. This might due to I am adapting a demo file for use with account of certain company. So it might be change to reflect the new upgrade.

    I then resort to using the old backup,by renaming it according to NV2 rule. Result,it does not open saying

    “attempted to open a workstation database instead of an apllication database.”

    What seems wrong? Pls help me as I have this month deadline to keep.

    Awaiting for your fast recommendation.




    The error message you have quoted indicates that you are trying to open a workstation database. You are are currently running the NV2 workstation which is a workstation database. Accessing a workstation database while running a workstation database will not display your application data regardless of what the file name has been renamed to.

    From your backups, look for a file called database.nv2 or YourCompanyName.nv2 and copy the file to your hard drive and then open the application database.

    There are three types of databases in NV2. The workstation database, which is usually called workstation.nv2 (this can be renamed), the application database (your books, which by default is named database.nv2 but can also be renamed), and the server database which by default is named server.nv2 (this is used if you are accessing the application database in multiuser).

    Regards to all,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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