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    Periodically I get calls from NV users and they tell me they have not updated to the latest version, some are still using 1.13.

    Anyway Ver 12 has some nice features:

    Date Formats – on most Select Boxes the date year will appear as Four Digits, if you set the date format to 16 in the Odds & Ends.

    PRTACCTS – uses Starting Page # taken form the Print Options

    PRTADDRS – with no address in Notes they will be skipped when printing

    PRTCHKS – eliminited the need to switch to the Credit View to print cheques

    PRTPAY – allows for Partial Payment of invoices

    REPORT – more printing options

    COPYDESC – This one is really useful. Copy the Ledger Description into the Distribution description

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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