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    Below is a message from a friend that uses NV1. I tried to help them but cannot.

    “I have tried everything but keep getting the same message even if I put the payroll disk in and run GETLIB

    If I try Version 1.41b program disk (procedurer library 12) I get the following notices:

    Notice: Template – CHK2.TPL will be skipped
    Template – GST.TPL will be skipped
    Template – INV1.TPL will be skipped

    Then it says “installation complete” So then I install disk #2 and I get the
    exact same message.

    If I try to install Productivity Disk #7 it say that it requires NV1 Version 12 or greater (which I had just tried to install)

    Then I tried to install Canada cash payroll 2008 and it says that it needs NV1 version 12 or greater.

    Any ideas why they are not installing properly?


    Go into the books and issue /GR SUPPORT and press enter. Note the procedure library version. If it is version 10b or below you need to find your version 12 installation diskettes and install. From this support screen, note the second line pertaining to NewViews program directory. If the current version is installed in C:NV install version 12 in the same directory.

    Once you have installed version 12 in the correct program directory, run the GETLIB procedure and enter NV1 to up date to version. Run the the SUPPORT procedure again and verify next to procedure library version that version 12 is indeed installed.

    The notices that templates will be skipped indicated that these templates have been altered and will not be overwritten.

    2008 Payroll and productivity disk #7 require version 12. Until you can install version 12 in the correct NewViews program directory, payroll and PD#7 will not be properly installed.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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