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    When processing a Payrun, could you not have the option to AcceptReject for individual cheques rather than Post All.

    After the cheques are processed, why not include the option “Post & Print”, which almost everyone will want to do after calculating cheques and just Post for those who want to print later.

    When one has payruns of up to 70 peaple, why make them go through the extra steps to print.

    The program is slow enough compared to the dos payroll.

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    Click on the window pull down button and choose Payruns. Press the insert key which will add a new Payrun row. Below the Payrun window, click on the window pull down button and click Pay List. From this table you can delete individual employees from this particular Payrun.

    Once you have the correct employees appearing in the Paylist for the Payrun process the Payrun by pressing F3 on Unprocessed.

    Future updates to NV2 may include the option to Post and Print.

    On a pentium 4 machine with 1 Gig of RAM, processing a Payrun has been quite snappy on my system.




    I was referring to the option of AcceptingRejecting each paycheque as it finishes calculating. If one noticed an error on one persons cheque, you reject and payrun continues on with the next employee.

    When done you print the cheques calculated then go back correct the individual with the error and recalculate just the one cheque.

    NV2 only gives the option to acceptreject all cheques calculated.

    The Post & Print was a separate request.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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