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    Had a client who purchased a new computer with Win 7, 32 bit. They also install a Parallel port card assigning lpt1 to the port.

    However, when they trid to print from NV (with /PO set to lpt1) Win 7 would not release the items from the selected printer.

    Anyone using a parallel port with Win7?


    Does /Print Advance Next (Print Form No) or (/PANN) release the items from the printer?

    Have you tried the following from a command prompt:

    dir > lpt1

    Does this print a directory list?

    Regards to All,



    What should you do if dir > lpt1 does NOT print a directory list?

    I had printing working fine from WINDOWS 7 for a few days, but now I am having trouble with the net use command again. When I manage to get the net use command to complete without an error message (seems to be a random event as to whether it works or not) and I go into my books, it gives me an error message and will not print, saying “cannot write to file specified”. So I think I have lpt1 messed up somehow… any recommendations? (LPT1 is what I have specified as the file name in print options)




    Assume you re-checked the NET USE command to ensure its still connected? Also that you did not miss spell LPT1 or leave a space in front of it?

    In most cases I’ve gone to a DOS Print program. It’s slower, but recognizes usb printers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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