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    Ah – ever try doing something else in Windows while holding down the Ctrl Key? /// or did you forget focus moves with the window, eh?

    HMah wrote:

    > Jack L.
    > I’ve always been bothered by the time it takes to convert to
    > NV2. The worse problem was with every NV2 update you had to
    > re-import the nv1 data.
    > It’s hard to find the time to actually use nv2 when it takes
    > 3-6 days to convert the nv1 data.
    > Is QW Page still recommending the Ctrl key be held down (a
    > weight place on it) during the NV2 import of the NV1 data?
    > Even it increases the speed by 10% it’s still a savings.

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    After installing the new update, it tells me that

    NewViews is not registered for this computer

    So, now what ?

    Also, trying to close this window ( using the X ) still opens the Server or Database Window.


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    Well, at first pass the newer import seems to be much quicker
    Import time was 3 hr 21 min 38 sec – but I am inclined to think that the structure and item counts make a large difference.

    for a set of books – 50MB
    Items on File

    Reports 27
    Accounts 5,872
    Ledger Items 69,914
    Distribution Items 23,430
    Procedures 610
    Printers 23
    Notes 72,132

    Much better than before when it took a few days. Later I will test some larger books – hopefully with the same kind of results.


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    Ah – how and where will we download the new files?


    MSchappler wrote:
    > There is another NV2 installation you can download from our web
    > site which includes an updated NV2 license agreement. Later
    > today, there should service pack 2 on our web site to download
    > (I suspect you running the first NV2 download = Service pack
    > 0). Service pack 1 was available for download last Monday.

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    HI Dmitri,

    I’m glad you like the program. The SQL Builder requires that you have SQL Server installed, and most people don’t. So it has been removed from the program. However you can always “UPSCALE” the Access Database ( if you have SQL Server). Ah, yes we always overwrite the “local mdb” file. Perhaps we should give users a choice? It was designed this way because the expectation is Users would “link” to the nv.mdb, and not use it directly. Otherwise the “automation” features become really difficult to manage.

    For example – a company uses the database for a Sales Order Taking application of Widgets. Widgets may come in many colors and sizes. NewViews only cares about the money (of the order) however all the other details could be used by the Sales People, the Factory, Multi-Users, etc. If the name of the nv.mdb kept changing, then all the other programs using this dB would always be in a constant state of change. We expect the nv.mdb to be updated everyday from NewViews, but the data should never be altered directly.

    So from a management point of view,
    – Export data from NewViews
    – Build an Access MDB File
    – Connect Access, Excel, or EXE programs to the nv.mdb
    – Use an other program/mdb to save all the changes
    – Import the financial changes back into NewViews
    – Begin the Export process again.

    This way you really have a multi-user system working with the NewViews books. A great way to manage Inventory, Sales, Quotes, Shop Orders or Time & Billing take your pick.

    Given that NV2 will require licences for each workstation, and in a company where there could be lots of users, many of the features and techniques from the dbBuilder could be used here, to save many costs for clients.

    If you have any other suggestions, I like to hear them.


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    Ok – Thanks


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    Ah – to the forum managers,

    How did the message count drop from 420 to 416, and then increment?

    I would like to know, which 4 messages have been removed?


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    Hey, I’m not always the sharpest tack in the box
    So let me see if I get this right,

    Only a server can open remote databases?
    Only a server licence can open any books in multi-user?

    However, the server can open any remote set of books?
    Regardless of the serial number? (of course providing you have the correct user-name and password, eh?) ?

    Regardless of my Licence Count, even if its one !
    I can open as many books as I want con-currently, remote or otherwise – from my one workstation?

    So from my workstation (or my server station, which one or both?) I could open all of my 20 clients books – concurrently; even with my one licence?


    JPeters wrote:
    > There is no predefined limit to the number of databases that a
    > workstation can have open simultaneously. Furthermore these
    > databases can be any combinations of local databases opened
    > with single user access and remote databases opened with
    > multi-user access through a server.

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    Hmm, yes it is cheaper, but it also does much less
    nvPRNq is designed to work with Newviews – from the ground up! As well as, it will let you design a page to have the look and feel, as from any MS Word Document, which includes changing fonts, colours and images – on the “fly” – while printing your NV1 Documents.

    Something the DOSPRN program does not allow you to do. Of course if you only want simple printing (of 1 size of text) only – use the program. Or go find an old Dot Matrix printer – would do you as well.

    Both let you print to all connected printers, because both are using the Windows Printing Sub System.

    Additionally – you could print to a file, and then use your word processer to print any documents, from all DOS program.

    Simply put, the choice is up to you!

    RStebih wrote:
    > For a MUCH cheaper solution, check out the program DOSPRN 1.77
    > located at:
    > At only US$14.95 (~CAD$19.00), here is a quick blurb from the website:
    > “DOSPRN allows you to use a good old DOS program with new
    > printers irrespective of their types (Yes, USB and network
    > printers, print-servers, and PDF-printers too!)”

    > Post Edited (04-03-05 14:02)

    Post Edited (04-03-05 17:18)

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    Ah – the nvPRNq program (spoken about here) can also print to USB ports. The critera is that your Windows can print to the “port” then nvPRNq can direct the NV1 output to the port.

    IT works with LPT1, COM1, USB, Infrared, Dot matrix, InkJet, Laser and thermal printers using any Win 32 bit system. If you can print a MS Word doc to the printer, you can have nvPRNq also print to it. You can download a free 30 day demo from

    You can read about it at
    It should solve your problem.


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    Glad you liked the program. I would suggest you “build the access database”, it makes looking at the data much easier. You can download the dbBuilder installer from later tonight.

    Oh-by-the-way, the parser is build into the dbBuilder it will build an MS Access database, even if you do not have Access.

    It is really designed to be a multi-user backend of the NewViews program. An alterative to NV2. You are the first person to use the program, outside of the company. We think that all the bugs, are fixed – but . . . . So if you find some, please let us know.

    Perhaps you would consider testing / using some of the “front end” tools for our multi-user?

    Thanks for using our products


    DPustovalov wrote:
    > Hi David,
    > thank you so much for your procedure. It seems to me that I
    > could get all data coming out from the procedure.
    > You save me hours and hours of work. I appreciate your help. If
    > I coud be helpfull for you just let me know.
    > Thank you,
    > Dmitri.

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    Oh, sadly you are moving away from NV to a new system !!

    Regardless – my export program should give you all the details you wanted, but you may have to look to find it. BUT it can all be done with SQL statements.
    Best of luck

    DPustovalov wrote:
    > David, Henry thank you very much. I started work with NV just last week. The only purpose is to get data for the new system (Navision). That’s why sometime I don’t understand specific NV terms.

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    Ah – Henry, I believe that Licenses will also determine how many sets of books you can access concurrently – from the same NV2 Engine.

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    Thanks for waiting, the bug has been repaired. The dBParser should work on all versions of Windows, including Win2003 Server.

    The Nv Export files are at

    However you should include the parser to remove problems such as Double Quotes from the files The nv export library is included with the

    The Nv Export and Window’s Parser is at

    Some versions of Windows may require a MDAC Library update. You can download MDAC Version 2.8 from Microsoft, or here at

    Additonally please make sure you have all the required updates to your version of Windows.


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    Sorry Guys,

    I have found a bug in the dB PARSER – so it has been removed from the website. However the _EXPORT is still there and runs correctly.

    I will replace the dB Parser in the next day or two.

    Thanks & Sorry for any problems.


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