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The DOS Bulletin

DOS Bulletins contain information addressing issues encountered by NV1 users. Archived DOS Bulletins can be accessed using the following links:

Dos Bulletin 2014-2:  Reminder! Special Upgrade Package to NV2

Dos Bulletin 2014-1:  Windows XP end of support from Microsoft and Windows 8.1.

Dos Bulletin 2013-1:  NewViews website for NV1 and the NV1 Users Survey.

Dos Bulletin 2012-1:  Moving NV1 to a new computers, the pitfalls that may be encountered.

Dos Bulletin 2011-3:  Windows Vista & 7 32-bit.

Dos Bulletin 2011-2:  Payroll – -eFiling T4s from NV1.

Dos Bulletin 2011-1:  Printing problems.

Dos Bulletin 2010-1:  Buying a new computer that can run NewViews for DOS.