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The QW Journal is a newsletter for NewViews users. Each issue provides you with useful information that will ensure you are making the most of your NewViews program. To have the QW Journal delivered to you directly via email, register using the form on this page.

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The DOS Bulletin

DOS Bulletins contain information addressing issues encountered by NV1 users. Archived DOS Bulletins can be accessed using the following links:

Dos Bulletin 2014-2:  Reminder! Special Upgrade Package to NV2

Dos Bulletin 2014-1:  Windows XP end of support from Microsoft and Windows 8.1.

Dos Bulletin 2013-1:  NewViews website for NV1 and the NV1 Users Survey.

Dos Bulletin 2012-1:  Moving NV1 to a new computers, the pitfalls that may be encountered.

Dos Bulletin 2011-3:  Windows Vista & 7 32-bit.

Dos Bulletin 2011-2:  Payroll – -eFiling T4s from NV1.

Dos Bulletin 2011-1:  Printing problems.

Dos Bulletin 2010-1:  Buying a new computer that can run NewViews for DOS.